Inspired by … Yancey Strickler, Autor und Cofounder von Kickstarter

Without people willing to take risks, the world will stay the same.

If you’re trying to do anything new, or anything different, you’re going to step out into a very terrifying space, where you are living between dream and reality.

Starting a business, creating a work of art, a new idea in the world — the greatest advantage is being different.

It`s not to be the same, and that will always be risky.

It will always be scary to do what everyone else is not doing, because there’s the part of you that will wonder, „They all have it figured out, and I don`t. Am I the only fool that thinks this way?“

But that’s where great ideas come from. That’s where new ideas come from.

Your own willingness to put yourself out there, to follow through on that, that’s something entirely within your control.

Looking to be different and not the same — its counterintuitive, its not what your body instinctually wants.

But that’s where potential greatness lies. The world is a mess of decisions and ideas and risks, taken and not taken. So if you make the mistake of believing the status quo isn’t just how things are, but how things should be, you’ll be limited in what you can see.

Our idea of the status quo is always more limited than it should be. And so if you can embrace the idea that the world can be a million different things, not just this one thing,  it´s actually not that risky. 

It´s actually exploring all that should be, rather than settling for just what things are.

Ich bin SO inspiriert von diesem kurzen TED Talk von Yancey Strickler, Autor und Cofounder von Kickstarter!
Hier kannst du das Video ansehen: Why It´s Worth Beeing Different

Wir sollten das Risiko eingehen es vollkommen anders zu machen, auch wenn es im ersten Moment riskant wirkt. Der zweite Moment ist nämlich der der frei ist und sich leicht anfühlt und erfolgreich und zufrieden macht!

Enjoy your ride! : )

Greez — Julia

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